Sugar Rose is an advocate for PTSD Mental health and suicide awareness supporting veterans, 1st responders, and anyone struggling. Through her her trials, tribulations and a long story it has brought her to become a motivational speaker/singer/songwriter with the drive to make a movement and a difference, to save and change one person’s life at a time. With boots on the ground she is bringing her Motivational speaking and singing state to state in person to spread the message no-one is alone, it’s ok not to be ok, and it’s ok to reach out for help.  Recently joined with The Peoples Patriot Project, Sugar Rose has been given the opportunity to speak to the world through her new Motivational Mondays show. Sugar Rose strives to be a light/ love to others and bring hope to those that need it through her speaking and music.  1 Family 1 Mission 1 Fight!

Don’t give up keep moving on. The sun always shines after the storm. I see you I see your light. It isn’t out yet I’m ready to fight for you. You are loved and never alone.