This is me

I am a Motivational speaker, singer/songwriter advocate for PTSD & Mental health awareness. With history as a Family Readiness leader for the National Guard supporting and helping our Veterans, soldiers and their familes.  I have made it my mission to make a difference one person at a time. Through my trials, tribulations, story and testimony,  it has become my lifelong mission to stand up and  say you are never alone. I am just one person with a loud voice that wants to make a difference and spread awareness worldwide. I strive to bring attention to men’s mental health and how mens mental health isn’t always addressed properly and is often undervalued. PTSD is a serios problem and so is the devastation it causes in one’s life and the lives of those around them. One life gone is one too many. Domestic Violence physical or verbal abuse is rampent.   Both men and women experience this and it can tear someone to pieces. I am here to be the voice for the silent ones, the broken ones, the ones that bottle it all up, the ones that don’t know where to start, but are ready to heal. I will show you no matter what you are not alone, you truly matter, you have a purpose, there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can truly heal. You are the author to your own story and how it is written. If we all had the mindset it takes just one person to save a life, make a difference, we would be living breathing unconditional LOVE like we were born to do.

We are 1 Family 1 Mission 1 Fight!

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Dont give up keep moving on. The sun always shines after the storm.